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Before You Email Me

I welcome your email. I enjoy answering your questions. And if the question is very good, and my answer seems worthy of it, it may wind up as an article on this site (though I wouldn't use your real name).
But before mailing me, please note the following:

I get a lot of email every day. It may take a while before I get to yours. I cannot guarantee when I will get back to you. I may be able to respond immediately, and sometimes it can take a month. If you write me, and you don't hear from me in two weeks, it's okay to write me and remind me. I may have somehow overlooked or forgotten your letter.

Also, I often put a lot of work into my answers, and this could take time, for research and for writing. So after you receive my answer please let me know that you have received it, simply for the good feeling of accomplishment it gives me, knowing I have helped someone, and that my work has not gone to waste.

If you are on AOL,

please set your security options to allow me to respond.

Most of the people who write me from AOL have, apparently, blocked incoming emails, and they can't receive my response. So when you write me from AOL please let me know that you have made sure I can respond. It's quite frustrating to put together an answer to a question only to discover that I can't give you the answer anyway!

D. K.