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D. K.

I took anti-depressant drugs for many years to combat my depression. While these drugs are magic bullets for some people, they never worked well for me. In addition to loss of libido, I experienced "unexplained" nausea for several years.
In my search for a Different Solution I had found this website. I am depression free now. Matter of fact I wish several of the psychiatrists that I have seen would have read your piece.
I. V.

Three years ago I was headed into my second major depression. The doctors say each successive bout gets worse and worse. I found that to be true. My general practitioner doctor tried four different anti-depressants on me. The drugs only worked between 40--50% and then wouldn't work at all. One day the doctor threw up his hands and said, "I don't know what to do with you, you'll have to go to a psychiatrist.” I didn't want to go because of shame and the expense. The first doctor was very old and didn't do me any good at all. The second one put me on Effexor as well as continuing the Celexa. I was also on Clanazepam (anti-anxiety). Then one day I’ve found your site. I was skeptical. The matter primarily was not 20 dollars; During depressive years I had spend hundreds times more in form of doctors payments, cost of medication, travel expenses to new “Magical Physician” who would make a difference. The simple truth was that there are so many internet sources these days (free and not free) offering varieties of remedies; I had tried so many of them hoping to get at least some relief from my depression.
So, I had downloaded your cure plan without high expectations. After I had read it I was even more skeptical. Some options in your Depression Cure Plan looked pretty peculiar to me. There wasn’t any new medication that I haven’t tried yet.
Just for the sake of keeping my mind concentrating on something I started to follow some of your suggestions. There is about a year since and my perception of my depression is absolutely different. I couldn’t say that my depression has completely gone. I’m still having good days and bad days. The difference is that now I know what to do on those bad days. Thanks for the input.
J. S.

It was so helpful to find a website with ton of information about my condition.
L. D.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your hard work. Your program has gotten me through my worst days. Your information has also been helpful for family members to better understand what is like to be depressed.
T. P.

I just want to thank you, because you gave me my life back. I had Clinical Depression and took medication but my doctor didn't explain as much as you did. I downloaded your e-book when my thoughts about my depression and my perspective on a future were absolutely hopeless. When I read it, I got my hope back. I realized what my problem was, how I can deal with it, and that I was not alone.
H. P.

After two weeks of following your guideline I was significantly better of with my depression. After one month, I felt fairly normal again. I do think the Effexor did help but only because I was very determent pumping iron and consistent in relaxation sessions. Now I have the energy to exercise every morning for 1 1/2 hrs.
P. L.